Who are we?

For nearly a decade, COVER has been committed to providing its customers with high-quality translation services.

Customer satisfaction rating of 97.6%

Practıce Areas

Product Description

Cover’s platform helps international companies translate hundreds to thousands of product descriptions in just days, and we partner with ecommerce platforms to give their users the power to sell products overseas

User-generated content

From social media content to reviews, user-generated content is a critical yet seldom translated layer of the web. As native speakers, our crowd is quick and skilled with everyday content, including slang, so that you can keep your site relevant worldwide.

  • TripAdvisor


Video is perfect for an international audience—just add captions. Transcribe and translate through our order form, integrate with our platform to create your own fully-featured caption software or translate with us through one of our existing partners.

Why We Are The Best Choıce?

Professional translation within hours

The quality assurance process

Trusted by thousands of companies worldwide


Benefit One

Excellent quality

Not only are all translators evaluated on an ongoing basis, but our platform also features embedded validation checks to ensure consistent quality at scale.

Benefit Two

Automated quality checks

All ongoing translations are actively monitored by an automated validation system. Designed to detect issues as the translators work, it highlights and gives suggestions on the following:

  • Spellcheck
  • Number accuracy
  • Code elements and tags
  • Glossary adherence

Benefit Three

Scale-friendly pricing

Proprietary project management tools allow us to streamline operations and reduce overhead, so we can extend the lowest possible rates to our customers.

What People Are Sayıng

Communication with the Cover team was great throughout the entire process, ensuring that our integration was seamless and launched without delay.”

Freddie Chat-Head of International Expansion/Amara

Switching to Cover has been the best thing for my productivity. Not only did content quality improve, but they were able to get projects done much faster while cutting translation costs by over 50%, increasing the overall ROI of their international efforts”

Bevin Morgan-Marketing Specialist/HomeAway